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Stallinga designs new lighting for UNESCO monument Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam


Henk Stallinga designed the new lighting armatures specifically for the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. The armatures were recently installed throughout the monumental building in which the festive inauguration took place on Monday April 7th 2014.

The former lighting needed to be replaced. The unique UNESCO building from 1903 became too dark and the lighting did no longer comply with contemporary standards. There was poor visibility and the beautiful monumental spaces and original details were hidden in the dark. Stallinga’s armatures unveiled this former stock exchange building and now show it in its full splendour.

With its upward indirect lighting, the armature places itself in the shadow and makes the vaults and colourful details visible.

The armature was designed with careful consideration of the special architecture and the original lighting plan of architect H.P. Berlage: point lights with daylight.

The open structure of the armature displays the original brickwork optimally.

The ceilings of the galleries are beautifully lit, showing their distinct details.

The indirect light is visually restful for the eye.

The indirect light reveals the impressive spacious areas within the building.

Sustainability. The power LED provides five times more light while the consumption remains the same.

The used power LED needs a relatively large heat sink to discharge or remove the heat. Stallinga’s design is special because the heat sink and armature coincide. In fact the heat sink ís the armature.

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