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Mail from Marti Guixe

Concepts and Ideas for Commercial Purposes | NEWSLETTER 33
Culture finalist adi award
COMING PROJECTS | Taipei, Helsinki

June 28th
2016 World Design Capital

with Antto Melasniemi
September 9th
Design Diplomacy event
The Spanish Embassy's residency
Helsinki Design Week

Flashpoint Pie
The Food Project 2016 World Design Capital Taipei
September 8th
Showroom Messukeskus, Hall 5
Helsinki Design Week

September 8th
The super 3 men
Helsinki city Centre
Helsinki Design Week

RECENT PROJECTS | Melbourne, Roma, London, Barcelona
Fake Food Park Exhibit
Fake Food Park Exhibit
National Museum of Victoria
Till September 11th

Hall layout and design
La Galleria Nazionale

Damm Glas
Damm Market Bar
Estrella Damm
Old Spitalfields Market

Ventilador Snack Bar
Lighting design


We are very happy and excited to share with you our latest work Horizons Deferred at Halle Verriere, Meisenthal. Here  you can watch a short video of the show and also you can access a selection of pictures from it . 
The work is the product of the last year work and research, dealing with issues that are very close to our hearts. It  brings together and expands our interest in pre-cinematic narratives. We hope you like it. 
The show will run from 2nd of July till the 4th of September 
Very best

Rosario & Roberto

El Ultimo GritoHorizons Deferred at Halle Verriere, Meiseinthal, is the summation of ideas and work developed around the subject of glitch as social displacement. The show represents their multi-faceted practice, with large scale interactive sculpture and installation works showcasing their distinctive social and political engagement and wit.
Horizons Deferred consists of four large-scale works: The Architectures, "The Users", "Dialogues" and "Soundscape". These form a city of inflatable sculptures fitted with motion and sound sensors reacting to each other and the visiting public. A controlled demolition implosion is triggered, the city falls and is recreated anew - subject to individual interactions.
Horizons Deferred plays with Delueze & Guattaris notion of plateau, encouraging participants to construct a physical artistic representation of their own point of view: the plateau from which we simultaneously view our future and our past.
The horizon is that line between your current reality and your constructed perspective fuelled by your expectations and dreams. By interacting with sensors in the sculptures, the users can start to take control of the system they are in, which is a micro-representation of larger systems.
The Architectures are extra-large-scale inflatable sculptures fitted with motion and sound sensors reacting to each other and to the visitor.  The works develop El Ultimo Gritos exploration of the idea of glitch - the technological malfunctions in a system that reveal the workings underpinning how that system behaves. By being given a glimpse of these secret mechanisms, we as users can learn to manipulate them and in the microcosm harness some control over our lives.
The Dialogues invoke paradoxes to disturb our rational processes and question our decision-making, inviting us to ask if where we are going is really where we want to go. Capitalism is boring" says one machine - "I am loving it" answers the other. 
The Users are hand-painted people at large scale, whose tattoos tell real stories (as tattoos used to do). These represent the tension between what you have been and what you are, the plateau before the horizon, the final moment of doubt before the revelation of where the consequences of our actions will lead us: whether toward Utopia or Dystopia.
Delueze & Guattaris notion of plateau is brought into sharp contemporary relevance with El Ultimo Gritos exploration of the idea of the migrant. The idea of the horizon is revealed in the imagery generated from media representations of contemporary realities. For the people stranded on a makeshift boat the Greek coast is that line that represents the continuation of life. As it is, they are prevented from reaching their destination, they are stranded in that plateau - call it sea, "the jungle", a refugee camp, Ellis Island. Each plateau exists in a stand-by state, just before it can materialise and become that new reality in which the migrant can finally immerse.
Meanwhile, that very horizon is changing. The architectural redevelopment of metropolises like London configure them as non-places to be bought up rather than lived in: quickly built and sold out even faster to phantom owners. Social housing is being demolished driven by the pretend horizons of capital. From our existing plateau, consumerism and speculation drive the appearance of Dark Cities of glass, the empty shells of neoliberalism. 
Thus in Horizons Deferred the representations of these architectures are structures inflated by air and deflated by a vacuum. Industrial and housing estates are disappearing under controlled demolitions and remodeled as luxury apartments with barista cafes, a city of conspicuous consumption where there seems to be no space for any other model of city life. As in the movie Dark City, urban reconfigurations require a reassignment of every citizens role, no longer as individual members of a community but as individual transactors in an economy. As in BallardHigh Rise, this gives rise to atomisation and the narrowing of the experience of life. Horizons Deferred engages with these themes in a continuing attempt to suggest ways of recovering our agency as individuals in totalising systems.
El Ultimo Grito are based in London and cherished around the world for their colorful public sculptures created with non-standard materials that engagingly address urban financial and social displacement. As part of their practice, the duo analyse and manipulate the signs that describe and construct our reality. In their collisions of film, text, sound, graphics and constructions they offer up new forms and directions. In our encounters with their work we are provoked and empowered to explore how we can take control of our social and physical realities.


Mail from Richard Hutten

Hi Suki!

So nice to hear from you! How is life? How is Hitoshi?

Table-chair is out of production. We made a limited edition of 100 pieces, signed and numbered. We have some left.
It is very expensive though. Art piece :-)
Because you are my long time friend…………………………………………………….…..

Please have a look at some of the products we launched in Milan:
Maybe you can corporate with them?

Say hi to Hitoshi from me!

All my best,


Richard Hutten Studio


Mail from Marti Guixe

Concepts and Ideas for Commercial Purposes | NEWSLETTER 31
Blank app | Corraini Edizioni | 2015 | Now available in app store

L'EX-Designer Project BAR | in progress | Barcelona

Entença 3 | 08015-Barcelona
Open Mon - Fri 18 to 23h

COMING PROJECTS | Barcelona | Calldetenes
Beer ceramic cup and dish
Estrella Damm

Hidromel label
Els Cingles

RECENT PROJECTS | NY, Hannover, Airspace
Scale of Relationality Diagram
After Wearing Exhibition
Pratt Manhattan Gallery New York

Phosphor Candles
4712 Exhibition
Phosphor Candles

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