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Boskke Cube wins Red Dot Award

The international Red Dot jury has just announced that the Boskke Cube has won one of the industry’s highest design accolades, the Red Dot award. 
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Following the success of its Red Dot-awarded Sky Planter, the pioneer of ceiling gardening, Boskke, is launching its second product.
The new Boskke Cube is a re-imagining of the humble plant pot. Instead of hiding the organic process of growth, the clear body of the Boskke Cube puts the intricate root system of your plants on display; showing beauty doesn’t only reside above the surface.
The clean, geometric form of the Boskke Cube doubles as a water reservoir, supplying your plants with four weeks worth of moisture through Boskke’s custom “Slo-Flo” slow-release watering system.
Says Patrick Morris, the Boskke Cube’s award-winning designer and 2014 Dyson Fellow:
“We have deconstructed the traditional plant pot and put it back together in a more transparent way — literally. The clear plastic body reveals the water, soil, and roots of the plant, allowing you to witness firsthand the mechanics of the plant’s growth.”

About the studio
New Zealand design studio Boskke has been developing new gardening products that allow urban dwellers to make more of their living and working spaces since 2009.

Their original, Red Dot Award-winning Sky Planter inverted the traditional potted plant, hung it from the ceiling and created stunning displays of air-filtering foliage, flowers and herbs.
“Our products celebrate all growing things, because we know that spaces that sustain plants are beautiful, healthy and bring vitality to the built environment,” says Patrick Morris, Boskke’s creative director.

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The Boskke Team

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